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The Alexander Technique was developed by a Shakspearean Actor in the late 1800's as a way to change patterns of tension that were causing him to have vocal problems.  In working with people FM Alexander found that all manner of habitual postural patterns when brought to light could be changed to the benefit of the student.  This resulted in a more natural and full use of the diaphram and breathing, less tension, a better sense of awareness in everyday life, the ability to calm oneself and not habitually over react.  So there are both physical and psychological benefits to better use and greater awareness in how we go about our daily lives.  For schedule of workshops 2020 click here.

Individual lessons

Most people come to me for private sessions as that is how F.M.Alexander taught.  The technique is very personal and indivigualized as well as a hands-on educational method.  Although group classes are a good way to have an introduction and can give you an overview of the technique it realy is through hands-on work that we begin to unravel our habitual patterns of use and find easier ways to move.  


The lessons will teach you to be more self aware as well as able to stay with yourself in stressful situations, to move with less tension, to feel calm, as well as to understand the beautiful design of the human body.  

Group Classes


Introductory Classes are for those with little or no experience.  Classes are generally 4 - 6 weeks long and limited to no more than 10 people.  In these classes you learn to become more aware of how you use your body, how you react to stimulus and your habits of tension. By first becoming aware of them and experiencing them we give ourselves the opportunity and the knowledge of how to move more efficiently.  Very often it is a very subtle change in our thinking and not rushing that can free up tension and allows a more balanced and poised use of the body. 

Introductory Events


Throughout the year I give introductory talks at the local library, in hospitals, gyms, and yoga studios.   Some of these are open to the public and others are for special interest groups.  I have done workshops for Teachers, Physical Therapists, the Westchester Bycicle Club, The Fybromalgia Group, Burke's Osteoporosis Group, and in the workplace.  If you are interested in having me speak for your group or club or would like to set up a corporate class please contact me at

Alexander Technique Workshops 2020

6 week Intro to Alexander Technique

Online Course

Wednesday 6 - 7pm

Begins in October 

Chappaqua Continuing Education

Horace Greely High School Chappaqua, NY 10514

To register:

4 Week Alexander for The Office

Online Course

Starts in the Fall.  Times TBD.

In this course we will look at how the body is designed and how to set yourself up for maximum efficiency and ease.  We will explore Alexander's principals of direction and inhibition or pausing, study how poise affects our breathing, learn a bit about our anatomy and have fun expanding our awareness of how we move and relate in the world and find ways to give our life more fluidity.  

The 4 week sylabus covers:

Week 1: Desks, Computers, Heads & Necks

Week 2: Chairs, The Lower Back and Hip Joint

Week 3: The Forgotten Foot

Week 4: The Hip Bone's connected to the IPhone - But maybe it shouldn't be.  How to quickly disentangle yourself from habits.   

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