When I started Alexander Lessons 5 years ago, my initial goal was to release muscle tension and imporve posture.  At that time, I never imagined the benefits would be far more extensie and still continue to amaze me.  As my understanding of the technique evolves, I become more aware, focused, poised, balanced and relaxed in my movements.  This Awareness has imporved my skiing along with my day to day movements.    


- Diane G


Now here is what I noticed about N at the concert last Sunday.  I really only saw him briefly but something registered in my mind and thought "N is doing very well?   I somehow was aware of a certain "presence" in N that I had not noticed before: a calm ceratinty in the way he carried himself, more fluidity of morement.  It is extremely interesting to learn that he has been studying the Alexander Technique and I truly congratulate him on all of his work.


 - N's collegue


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