Smart Phone! Smart Posture?

This years theme for Alexander Awareness Week which is coming up in October is a great one that we can all relate to. Smart posturing while using your phone.

All of us are aware of the head down intensely gazing at the phone posture. It's almost impossible not to fall into it as the phone, like the computer draws us in. Before we know it that 30 second post or text has turned into a lengthy conversation and our backs and necks let us know! So how do we change this habit? What are some better ideas for how we use ourselves with our phones. Because this is the important part. It is how We use Ourselves with our phones - not using our phones that is the problem.

1) put it down! If you can put it down. Put it on speakerphone or put on your headphones. When I am working at the computer my phone is on the side and I can easily answer by putting it on speakerphone. In fact this is the way I most often use my phone throughout the day. This may not be possible if you share a workplace but you can use your headphones or just make more of an effort to put it down.

2) pause...... When I was first studying the Alexander Technique my teacher would talk about taking an activity and learning not to respond habitually. So if the phone rang, pause. Don't immediately reach for it. Take a moment to not re-act and breathe. Believe me your phone will ring, and probably a few more times, she used to say. Now this was many years ago before cell phones but it still holds true. Take this little moment after the phone rings to center yourself and breathe. You will find that it helps you approach conversations with more ease and certainly less stress.

3) Don't bring your ear to your phone. (down) Try bringing the Phone to your ear! (up). My good friend and colleague Claudia Wald showed me this one when we were teaching a kids workshop. They got it immediately. It also works with soup. :)

These are just a few little tips to bring more awareness to your everyday phone use. Help spread smarter phone posture - we could all use a reminder.

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