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Functional Anatomy Workshops

2020 Workshops


Life Energy Arts Gallery

11 -13 Main St, 2nd Floor

Mount Kisco, NY 10549

(914) 649-9565

Functional Anatomy and Movement Exploration

Learning and understanding the functional design of our bodies can help us change our patterns and find more ease.  It's amazing that we are taught so little about this body that we live in and with!  These workshops are designed to creatively teach anatomy through visual and hands-on work as well as movement.


As a dancer my first anatomy workshops were from Irene Dowd and this led fed my curiosity about anatomy.  Not just the understanding of the joints and muscles but how we are designed to move.  As an Alexander Teacher I have continued to fuel my interest in both understanding and teaching anatomy. My functional Anatomy Courses have been offered in several Yoga Teacher Training Programs and can cover specific aspects or the whole course.   If you would like to discuss an anatomy course for your group or training please contact me at

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