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F.M. Alexander Technique

Many students come to the Alexander Technique because someone mentioned it to them as something to help with pain but they still aren't really sure what it is.  That was my introduction as well.  All I can tell you was that after my first lesson I felt light, my neck felt easy and I had no pain.  And during my lesson I kept thinking oh, I'm using way to much effort to just stand! 

F.M.Alexander's work was way ahead of his time. You can find links on F.M's work, books and schedule lessons.  At this time I am teaching both online and in person.  

Movement for Wellness

Movement for Wellness are classes are designed from my years of experience as a Senior Teacher of the Alexander Technique, Yoga Instructor, Senior Exercise Instructor, Ballroom Dance Teacher and a lifelong lover of dance and movement.  

There is plenty of research showing the importance of moving and especially dance.  But we also need to learn to move well so that we keep our joints healthy, or spines flexible and strong and our spirits hopeful.  There are classes for every level!

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